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Carlson School Plug In to the Twin Cities

Plug In to the Twin Cities Program will take place August 24-26 in Minneapolis, MN!

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Why STLF Matters: Experience

STLF gives young people a first chance at leadership.

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Michigan State University


Like volunteering? How about traveling? What about meeting awesome people? Or, maybe you want to build leadership skills and learn something about yourself. If you've answered yes to one or all of those questions, then you've definitely come to the right place! 

For over 7 years MSU's chapter of STLF has been achieving the goals above and making a positive impact on communities throughout the US and the participants who go on them through Pay it Forward Tours! We've been to awesome places like:

  • Charleston, SC
  • Denver, CO
  • New Orleans, LA
  • Houston, TX
  • Pensacola, FL
  • and Washington D.C.!  

And the list keeps growing! This past spring break, we traveled to Pensacola, Florida following 4 unique routes! Along the way, participants got a chance to see a variety of different communities and social issues, and work to address them. They also were pushed to learn what it takes to be a leader, and were able to get close to an awesome group of people. So take a look at some of our videos, check out the four, unique routes, and feel free to send any questions our way by email (msu@stlf.net) or Facebook!

We hope to see you on a Pay it Forward Tour this Spring Break!


MSU STLF Chapter Core


About Our Chapter

The past years have been great and we want to make this year even better! In addition to the Pay It Forward Tour over spring break, we will also plan various service projects and other local initiatives on campus and around the community throughout the year.  If you have an idea to make a difference on campus, STLF is a great group of people to help make it a reality!

Check out our promotional video here! 

And here's some past participants and core talking about what they love most about STLF!

Social Media

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get a better image of what an STLF spring break looks like: @MSU_STLF

Check out our facebook page and twitter for news and updates from the chapter and photos of our previous Pay it Forward tours: MSU Students Today Leaders Forever; @MSU_STLF 

Chapter Meeting Times

Chapter meetings are not open to the public, however this does not mean you cannot be involved! We do service projects every month in the Lansing area, and we always need volunteers to join us on these initiatives. The best way to find information about service projects and spring break trips is through our regular newsletter, which you can sign up for below!


For any further questions or concerns please contact us at msu@stlf.net. We look forward to hearing from you!

Pay it Forward Tours



The overall cost of the trip is $525. While that might seem like a lot, it includes all transportation to and from the end destination, 2 meals a day, lodging, and two shirts! If you're concerned about cost, see the section below!

Financial Aid

Did you know that we have FINANCIAL AID available? While it's not posted yet for our 

If you don't receive financial aid or are still concerned about cost, we suggest that all participants try fundraising on their own through a gofundme or youcaring page or asking family and friends. Feel free to reach out to our Chapter Core as well, as they are ready to help however they can! 

Bus Routes

As we get closer to the next Spring break and our next round of Pay it Forward Tours, all of our bus routes will be displayed in the space below! There are always a lot of great choices, and we recommend to look at all of the options before you make your decision! 

List of Upcoming Chapter Events:

Michigan State College Tour (Sun)
The Michigan State Sun Pay It Forward Tour will have students from MSU and the surrounding area. The Tour will travel to a destination of Pensacola, FL, stopping in 5 additional cities along the way. Some of the stops include Nashville, Tennessee and Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

Upcoming STLF National Events - Retreats, Conferences, Etc.:

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